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My name is Kristina Girhagen i am 38 years old and has since I was eight years old had the oppurtunity to have horses as a important part of my life. This amazing animal gives me so much to live for and also teaches me that you always learn something new all the time. I am educated as a trainer in Showjumping, Riding instructor, National Judge and International Candidate in Showjumping, Course designer and I also measure Ponys and do the identification diagram and chipmarking on horses an ponies. I live with my family (husband and son) at a small and very nice farm i Sollefteå, in the north part of Sweden. We have a wounderful nature for breeding horses at our farm and every horse gives the chance to individually grow in body and soul.

On the picture below is Håkan Lennartsson. He is my senior advicer, and a good friend. My interest in breeding started in 1994 when I bought one-year-old Hillany a Swedish Warmblood (SWB) from Håkan. Hillany became the start for me to learn som much about breeding young horses and how to train and prepare for the threeyear old test. Hillany got 10 p for technic and 10 p for temperament at the threeyear old test and she has after that given me two wounderful daughters, It´s Hilca and It´s Hillyandra, both e: Cardento 933.
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